God Wants All People to Have Knowledge of the Truth

by Jeff Risley

The Access Ministry is helping children and adults learn about God's plan for their lives in an environment conducive to their developmental needs. Having a program for those with special needs strengthens our witness as believers and our call from Christ to love as he first loved us. Parents feel comforted by our willingness to engage their child according to their specific needs. People are learning about God, children and adults, who otherwise wouldn't be able to attend teachings.

Ross, one student who enjoys coming to an Access activity called HUB, says, "I like hanging out with people and I like the music. I also like learning more about God and having a verse to think about. I like to see ways to serve others." Ross's mother agrees that HUB has been a great thing for their family, "Ross is always very excited about coming. Ross likes the atmosphere of the HUB. At home, Ross talks all the time about what he learned."

And the workers benefit as well. Melanie Woods shared, "When I leave the HUB, I leave energized and amazed at what God is capable of doing in anyone's life. It is rewarding to be able to serve the parents as they're able to attend Central Teaching (CT) with a peace of mind knowing their children are not only in good hands, but also learning about God. It is really cool to see the young adults learning about the Word and prayer, and to see them growing and changing."

There is a buddy system for most children helping them learn the Oasis curriculum with extra social and behavioral support. There is also a HUB classroom at the 9:30 Main Campus CT for individual and small group help in learning the Bible, developing relationship and serving others. People don't need to sign up in advance but if you know a guest will be visiting that has a specific need, advance notice is appreciated to gather the right resources. 

For more information, or to volunteer to help out with the Access Ministry, contact Danielle Shaffer or Kelsey Shannan