God Continues to Amaze, More Kids Keep Attending

by Gwendolyn Herrick
Moving from 3 students in attendance to almost 40!  The ministry leaders of RenegadeTwo9 are incredibly amazed at how God is using this ministry.  RenegadeTwo9 was first conceived in the fall of 2011. This youth ministry was first envisioned by the Fisher-Yund homegroup leaders, with the support of Doug Patch and Roger and Patty Harvey. The goal?  To share God’s love and the gospel message with kids kindergarten to high school in the 43229 zip code area surrounding Xenos, with the long term vision of creating new disciples of Christ.

With this vision in mind, RenegadeTwo9 opened the doors of Building X for it's first meeting on Sunday May 6, 2012. In attendance was a small group of volunteers and an even smaller group of 3 students. Yet the team was not daunted by small numbers, and began partnering with
Jenny Hulett and Molly Baderstcher to join their “Bible in the Park” events. “Bible in the Park” was designed to serve and get to know the kids within the 43229 neighborhood with the intent of inviting them out to RenegadeTwo9. God blessed this collaborative effort and by mid July RenegadeTwo9 saw an attendance of 10 kids or more each week. By the fall numbers were consistently in the 20's, and by the first anniversary of the ministry in May 2013 RenegadeTwo9 averaged in the 30s every week with a couple weeks’ attendance in the low 40s!

Today, RenegadeTwo9 is a weekly ministry that meets at Building X on Sundays between 1:30-3:30. They provide three bible studies divided by age groups, lunch, and a whole lot of fun and fellowship for kids that would never have set foot on Xenos’ campus if not for this ministry. Since the beginning, RenegadeTwo9 has led many students into relationship with Christ through their faithful teaching of the gospel week in and week out. Furthermore, God has recently blessed this ministry with discipleship opportunities, a goal of RenegadeTwo9, and they look forward to raising up new young followers of Christ into leadership positions in the future.

God’s work in RenegadeTwo9 has been seen through faithful corporate prayer in the Patch, Delashmutt, and Gordon spheres. With this in mind, the youth ministry looks forward to continuing “Bible in the Park” in the summer of 2014 and reaching new neighborhoods in the 43229 area.   If you are interested in finding out more, or how you can help or be a part of RenegadeTwo9 fell free to contact Bob Fisher At 614-915-7431 or email bandbfisher@wideopenwest.com.