Get Help with Your Budget

Money problems can cause stress, anxiety and a host of other issues. The GIFT ministry offers a free financial workshop every January to help church members get a handle on their finances. This year’s session will be held on Saturday, January 16th from 9 am until 1 pm at the Xenos 4th Street Pavilion (1934 N Fourth, 43201). Please register by calling Keira at 614-888-2222 by January 13.  Pre-work IS required, a packet can be collected at the Main Campus Study Center (1340 Community Park Dr., 43229).

The GIFT ministry started many years ago with John McKewen helping individuals in his home church work through budgets and debts as they desired to be better stewards of the money God had given them and to better understand Biblical principles in financial matters. It grew beyond one home church into several and then to the church as a whole. As Xenos members moved and relocated to other churches, the ministry expanded beyond Xenos to multiple churches in the Columbus area. Classes, seminars and published materials have been developed as demand has grown. John McKewen reports that, “Today we have over a dozen counselors who help people from the scriptures concerning the role of stewardship and our role as stewards.”

Al Weaver is one of the GIFT counselors. He provides this insight, “It’s good to regularly remind ourselves that money is only a token for something else. It represents our mindsets, attitudes, values, hopes and desires. When we forget this, we can easily fall prey to money’s deceitfulness (Mark 4:19), seeing it as the end in itself and losing focus on the joy that comes with the greater treasures in this life and the next."

It’s clear that Al’s role as a financial counselor is very rewarding to him, “I love the fact that I can openly incorporate scripture and God’s principles everyday in what I do, especially after a counseling session when I get the sense that God was able to use me in a real way in the lives of others.”

Mateo Williamson, who utilized the GIFT ministry before making a big transition in life said, “Mac met with us...and his reminder from scripture that God is our provider put his practical financial advice into perspective. I am grateful that our church has equipping in an area that many feel clueless and helpless about.”