An Easier Path to Finding a Home Group

While the large Central Teachings are great for learning about the Bible, Xenos home groups are the best place to experience the full Christian life. Their small size allows you to make deep friends and have an impact on their lives. They allow you to discover and develop your gifting, while receiving the benefit of others’ gifts.

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And now, thanks to a new feature on the Xenos website, it’s easier to connect with a home group. The new page ( allows you to search for groups by the age ranges of members, and by meeting day. You can also sort out which groups offer childcare.

The results are then displayed on a map, making it simple to see what group might work for you geographically. And for each, there’s a longer description of each group, giving you a better sense of it, and a form for contacting the group.  

Previously the website only displayed all possible options. With close to 100 home groups to choose from, these new features can help you or a friend narrow down your options for finding the right fit.