Consider Serving in Oasis

As a new program year for Oasis gets started, there’s still a need for volunteers, particularly at the Main Campus morning Central Teaching. There are still some classroom openings in pre-school and some younger grades for that CT.

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Whitney agrees—“As a parent, I’m so thankful that on Sundays I know my kids are safe and learning about the Lord, while I am sitting under great teachings in Central Teaching (when I’m not a volunteer myself).”

Whitney says volunteering in Oasis is very gratifying—that it’s allowed her to be involved in teaching her kids and their peers about the timeless truths in the Bible. “At this age, it's big picture ideas, but it's really fun to see the light bulb go off and understand grace, forgiveness, and what Jesus did for them. When I think about that it gives me 12 or 24 Sundays a year you can help build the kingdom!

If you’re on the fence about volunteering, Kevin says you should just try it since the one year commitment isn’t overwhelming. You can choose to serve every week, every other week, or you can share the job with another volunteer to be less frequent.                                     

If the idea of volunteering to serve kids makes you uncomfortable, Kevin says to at least pray about it: “We sometimes grow the most in uncomfortable situations, just like a muscle being used beyond its point of comfort.”

The Doyles say it’s a role appropriate for many people. “For parents, it’s a sweet way to spend time with your kids, and potentially life-long friends of theirs,” Whitney says. “To college age kids or young adults without kids, I would say, you are way cooler than me! Kids will love you!”

Kevin also says if you’re able to serve now, take advantage of the opportunity. “There may be a time when you may be unable to serve this ministry due to health, age, or other factors, and these children will only be young once.”

If you’re considering volunteering, you can learn more at—follow the volunteer link. And you can contact the staff with any questions at