CARE Group - Parenting Resource

What does CARE group mean to you? “It’s sanity!” offers Suzanne Flack, a mom who has attended many CARE group meetings. “I need constant reminders of the Lord’s vision for my kids and guidance/vision for me in this season of life as a mommy, wife and friend.”

The CARE group meets once each month and is now changing to meet in the fall, spring and summer (skipping the winter months). To reach even more parents, CARE will be offered on a rotation to include Wednesday daytime, Wednesday evening and Saturday morning meetings. There is no cost to attend and childcare is offered at many meetings. Why not invite a friend or neighbor to join you?

 "CARE group has changed my parenting. It has helped me focus on what is really important and given me tools to focus on these things," says Molly Badertscher. "It was a huge part of getting me through that really difficult time in life of having three little ones in three years! I continue to get refocused on my parenting through these teachings even with the boys being school-age now."

Holly Stewart agrees, "The content of CARE group is excellent and Biblically accurate. Wisdom and truth are shared by speakers who have walked the road of parenting and understand the challenges we face. I have learned so much from the CARE group talks and I look forward to every month!" Adds Julie Faulkner, "Often the teaching is a "direct hit" in an area that I am needing to be encouraged or challenged in. Lately I find myself remembering things I have heard from a teaching some time ago... and I'm so thankful that I went to hear the talk, even if at the time it didn't seem to pertain to my family. A lot of teachings in magazines and blogs don't take into account a Biblical, grace-filled perspective on parenting and family life. CARE group sessions do both on a variety of subjects including school, sex and technology."

CARE group will meet monthly at 9:30 am in the Cafe to discuss relevant parenting subjects.  

Upcoming topics will include discipline, helping children deal with emotions, navigating a sports-crazed culture and more. Get the full schedule from Sherri Fojas.

Listen to past CARE teachings online.