Bringing the Gospel Home

Several years ago, backyard Bible clubs were started to share the love of God with a group of neighborhood kids. This summer, according to volunteer Molly Baderstcher, “God provided so many volunteers this summer! We weren't all from the same home churches or CTs and it was a great opportunity to work with others solely for the purpose of the kingdom!

This year, at least three neighborhoods were impacted and many children got to hear the gospel!

DEVONSHIRE: The neighbor girl of a volunteer came out to the Bible Club and ended up accepting Christ! Because of her excitement and wanting to be involved, the girl's mom and three kids have been regularly attending home church.

Molly adds, “We even had a few volunteers from Devonshire that do not attend Xenos but heard about what is going on and wanted to be a part of it.”

NORTH LINDEN: The first day only one boy came. He prayed that God would bring more kids to the Bible club. God answered that prayer...they had 15 kids the second day and 11 the third.

Also, a girl they have known for a while began opening up spiritually and connected with some other kids, one of whom attends Blowout and had invited her.

The kids wanted to continue meeting so they will be getting together on Saturdays.

MAPLE CANYON: One boy attended Xenos VBS and prayed to receive Christ. He came regularly to the Bible clubs this summer. Volunteers had the chance to really connect with his Buddhist grandmother and have kept in touch since the Bible clubs ended.

Another boy prayed to receive Christ and a volunteer has an ongoing relationship with his family.

What’s next for the Bible clubs? Molly reports, “Those of us who volunteered over the summer have committed to praying for and prayer walking in the community once a month. Please pray for each of these areas and for continued wisdom, discernment and direction with these families and neighborhoods for all of the volunteers involved.