Backpack Drive Success!

The backpack drive is a yearly event sponsored by the 11:30 am CT at Main Campus (1390 Community Park, 43229). Backpacks full of school supplies are donated for student in grades K-8. They are then distributed to students who attend Renegade29, Harambee School and Alpine Elementary.

“Since the beginning of August the kids have asked us if/when we are handing out backpacks! They were looking forward to receiving them,” according to Allison Yund, a worker with Renegade29. “The kids literally run out of the building to get to the car where the backpacks are located.”

Over 60 backpacks were donated and then distributed; 20 backpacks went to Harambee, 8 to Alpine and the remainder to Renegade29. The schools pass them out their discretion; often as rewards to kids with good behavior. At Renegade, the backpacks are given out to the students who are attending the Bible study. 

“As Renegade workers' our favorite part is when we drive the kids home," Allison continues. "The kids open the book bags to see what is in them and it seems like Christmas morning. They show the items to the other kids in the car and are just really grateful." 

"Another cool thing is seeing the kids' attitudes - they have to wait your turn to pick their book bag. Sometimes, by their time their turn comes, the bag they had wanted is gone or they don't really like the ones that are left. The kids who choose last are still thankful for the backpack instead of complaining about what is left, expressing real gratitude," Allison concludes.