Astounding Response to the Gospel in Millersport

by Gwendolyn Herrick
Nicole immediately began spreading the good news of Christ to all her friends back home in Millersport, Ohio. The response was astounding. So many people were responding to Christ's offer of forgiveness that Nicole, along with a small team from her home church, decided to go to them and provide a bible study instead of making people from Millersport drive all the way to Columbus.  The Millersport ministry began in 2010 on The Ohio State University’s campus.  Nicole Hill, then a freshmen at Ohio State, accepted Christ through the prompting of her then roommate, Taylor Tyndall.  

Millersport is a town located 45 minutes east of Columbus on Buckeye Lake. According to leader Sarah Johnson, “The population is very small and has a lot of low income families. Drugs, sex and alcohol are rampant and many households have divorced parents. Education is also poor in this part of town.“ In this community where brokenness defines the way in which many see the world, the gospel of Christ has taken hold. The group has seen over a dozen people put their faith in Jesus and currently seven people are in discipleship relationships, with others expressing interest. Furthermore, the team of leaders has morphed from the leaders' from Nicole’s home church to a team that calls Millersport their hometown -- Nicole, Matt Willis, and Matt Skinner.

As the team continues to fight the good fight in the small town in eastern Ohio, they are continually encouraged by the willingness of the new believers of their group. Says Sarah, “A lot of our people are still learning the basics about growing with God, but they have evangelism down better than we do! They really understand that Christ's offer of forgiveness is worth their time.” And so, for the foreseeable future, this team will continue to make the drive to Millersport to spend their Sundays preaching Christ and building up a body of believers in place that so desperately needs to hear the Good News.