New Study Center Features!

The Study Center now has an updated website and online catalog you can check out at!

This new interface allows you to search all of our books, reference materials, DVDs, CDs, multimedia sets, distance-education courses and PDFs (roughly 20,00 items). Everything is searchable by author, title or topic to best suit your needs.

New commentaries are now available. The books in the 4th Street fire room were disorganized and hard to find. We took them out and replaced them with a bunch of new commentary sets available from behind the counter. We’re starting with complete, updated editions of The Expositor’s Bible Commentary, The New International Commentary and Tyndale New Testament Commentaries. Others are coming soon!

We have a new delivery system. Every Monday and Thursday, requested items will be dropped off at the 4th Street Cafe (starting Thursday) and The Warehouse (starting in March). If you find an item you want, simply place a hold on it and select a delivery location. You can then pick it up at the counter of that location on either day. When done, you can return the items to counter attendants at the 4th Street Cafe, The Warehouse or Main Campus, regardless of where you picked them up.

To sign up for an account, clink on the link included above.

If you’ve checked out books at the Study Center before, you should have received an email with a user name and password to log in. If you have an account and did not get an email, contact John Ross at