New Oasis Initiative at 4th Street

Elementary CT, or ECT, is a new Oasis Initiative at 4th Street. The curriculum is designed to follow the adult CT teaching series and formatted to fit a younger age group.

Our desire was 3-fold; to facilitate biblical conversations and discipleship within the family by teaching the same bible lesson to both parents and children, to nurture maturity in the body of Christ through small groups and the means of growth (​Bible memory, prayer, service, fellowship), and to help each child both begin and move increasingly towards God’s desire for us all - that Christ would be formed in us (Galatians 4:19). We’ve received such encouraging feedback from ECT parents. “I love hearing the teaching and then sharing it on the way home in the car with my brought tears to my eyes that we could share the word together”. Another added, “seeing my kids so engaged when I go down to pick them up… it is amazing…they work so hard at the service table”.

The layout of ECT is characterized by a 5-10 minute teaching, followed by small group time where the topic is brought to a deeper level, with children divided by gender and age. The rest of the morning is left for the children to pick what to work on, be it bible memory, service projects, praying in the prayer room or simply having fellowship with one another. Occasionally a 5th option of play-acting bible stories is also presented. We had fun playing the Valley of Dry Bones from Ezekiel in October.  The children have amazing memories for God’s word. We have gotten to celebrate reaching corporate memory verse goals a few times this year! The children have made cards of thanks for missionaries and service men, welcome cards for IFI students, feeders for birds in the winter months and they are currently sewing rice bag hand warmers for the elderly.  Remember now, these kids are in grade school.  Well done kids!!

An unexpected growth has occurred within the adult ranks as well.  Many have stepped forward to take ownership of teaching and directing as well as the various stations.  Drama writes a new skit every week, the bible memory station is a well-oiled machine that allows the kids to really interact with the word, the service station has almost laid out a full year of projects with directions and pictures and the prayer room has done more work than we could imagine. Most weeks the dry erase boards of prayer are over-flowing with Praise, requests and more. And it must be said that many of our best workers are from the college group. It is so unifying to work together, adult and college, for God’s church.

Please pray for ECT, there is no doubt that future leaders of this church are already beginning to take form in the basement of 4th St. Help us pray them to God’s great end, that CHRIST would be formed in them, Christ who is our HOPE of glory!!

Galatians 4:19 Oh, my dear children! I feel as if I’m going through labor pains for you again, and they will continue until Christ is fully developed in your lives.

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