Nepali High Schoolers Celebrate a First

This weekend marks a first for the Nepali ministry--the students involved in its high school groups will be going on a retreat. About 40 teens will be spending the weekend enjoying time together and studying the Bible at Camp Falling Rock near Newark.

Currently there are 2 Nepali high school groups, with a third being created soon. Kim Geiser is part of the Nepali ministry and says this age group has grown slowly, and the prospect of three groups represents outstanding progress. Kim says bringing all these teens together for the retreat will help them see that they're part of something bigger than their own group.

Kim says the topic is “If God is who He says He is...,” covering God’s attributes. The teachers will show how those attributes influence three practicalities: how we pray, what we hold as our greatest values, and how we share the gospel with friends and family who don’t know Jesus.

The retreat is open for both Christians and non-Christians, and Kim says they hope to see many teens respond to God’s offer of salvation. For the Christians, she says they hope it will help them become life-long followers of Christ now and beyond their high school years.

Please pray for this retreat--that the teachings and interactions would help these students understand God’s offer of forgiveness and His wonderful plan for their lives!

And also please consider serving in this ministry. There is an urgent need for men to work with junior high students so the high schoolers can meet together separately, planting as the third Nepali high school group. That group will meet on the East side.