Last Opportunity to Pledge (Ends 2/23)

Pledged funding has allowed for God to do amazing things through our church and its people. When we have reached the proposed budget for the year by at least 95 percent in pledges, we can proceed much more confidently and push out in greater ways in key works. The goal is that new programs and expanded work that God puts in our plans are funded through increased giving from the church. This increased giving is indicated at the start of the year through pledges.

The high school and college ministries have been flourishing, especially in the last few years. The need for increased work in high school home churches was met through the promise of 2014's pledged budget, which allowed us to pay college leaders to oversee those home churches. And those pledges did come in as giving during the year, showing us that the church, and God, was behind this ministry expansion. The fruit of that program growth is evident today and will be for years to come, as we’ve built leaders who have duplicated themselves at young ages for future church work.

Our overseas missions have also been vitally impacted through the pledges made by members. Through funds that started as pledged commitments, we have been able to consistently field large numbers of indigenous, field-ready, trained workers that has led to hundreds of new salvations in otherwise rocky soil in the 10/40 window. Knowing that people are behind these proposed means of growth in ministry provides exceptional confidence and peace in pushing forward to develop them.

As we near the end of our pledging, please consider reading 2 Corinthians 8 and 9 and praying with your family for God's guidance. 

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