How to Make a Study Center Book List

Have you checked out Xenos’ new Study Center website yet? Well, you should!

The list-making tool is one aspect that is incredibly useful in keeping track of the various books available at the Study Center you’d like to read, or ones you enjoyed and want to remember. You can choose to make your lists private for individual use, or public so others can also enjoy them.

Interested? Here's how to get started:

1.      Go to to create a Study Center account or sign in. The log in/registration window is on the right side of the page.

2.      Once in, click on “Your Lists” near the bottom of the tabs column on the left side of the page.

3.      There will be two tabs - (left) Your Lists, (right) Public Lists

a. To visit your already-existing lists, click on the “Your Lists” tab when you first sign in. The lists you’ve already created will pop up, displaying: Content (how many items you have in each list), Type (whether each list is private or public), and an Edit or Delete option.

4.      To make a new list, click the “New List” link below two tabs OR at the top of the page is a “Lists” button where you can find the same information.

a. List name, sort this list by (title, author, year, call number), save or cancel

b. OR, if you’re searching the catalog and find a book you’d like to start a list with or add to a list, there’s a “Save to Lists” option at the bottom of each book entry

c. Click on the item (book, movie, etc.) - it will give you choice of which list to save it to or the option to create a new list with it


Congratulations! You’ve successfully managed a reading list on the Xenos Online Study Center catalog.

Here are some of the public lists already available to you:


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