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Review Session Coming up for Ministry Comprehensive Exam

If you have completed your Christian Ministry level classes, but haven't yet taken the comprehensive exam, take advantage of an exam review session on Wednesday, February 28th. It runs from 5:30-6:45 pm in room 201 at the Xenos Main Campus (1390 Community Park Dr. 43229).

The exam is required to be considered a graduate of the ministry class series. The review session will cover every area of it in detail. Once you've reviewed, you can take the exam at the Study Center.

Pizza will be provided, so if you're attending please RSVP to Kim Phillips at

Dates Set for Xenos Summer Camps

If you have a son or daughter, consider making plans for them to attend one of the 2018 summer camps Xenos is offering this year. There's a great camp available for each age group. Mark your calendar--here are the dates:

Xenos VBS Looking for Volunteers

It's fun and rewarding--volunteering to help with Xenos' Vacation Bible School (VBS) in June. Over 200 volunteers are needed for many roles, including classroom teachers, craft leaders, snack organizers, photographers, and many other positions. Older students are welcome, as are adults of any age. And if you know a student with drama or music skills, encourage them to try-out for those positions.

VBS Administrative Director Pam Kinlin says volunteers have a great time sharing the gospel with kids, and many come back year after year. She says one of the joys of the event is that volunteers of all ages--from teens to older adults--come together to serve during the week. And she says student volunteers bring a special energy to VBS that the kids love.

To learn more go to If you're ready to apply, email Kelsey Shannan at


Conversation and Cuisine Model Opens Relational Doors

By Chris DeVille

Over the years I'd heard of home groups in Xenos hosting outreach events called Conversation & Cuisine (C&C), but I'd never considered organizing one myself until Phil Franck and Sherri Fojas asked me to prepare some discussion materials on freedom of speech for use at future C&Cs. The idea with these events is to invite friends who might not be open to attending a Bible study. Instead, you have a dinner party that includes a discussion on a cultural topic of interest  Developing materials was a fascinating exercise — I liked the challenge of being thought-provoking but not inflammatory, trying to play the role of the objective moderator while also nudging people to think about the bigger spiritual questions beneath the surface of the debate.

"Do You Know Any Good Books On..."

The Biblical counselling staff at Xenos gets this question a lot, and has compiled a list of resources for different life situations and struggles.

You can find it on the Xenos website under The "Counseling Resources" tab links you to books, movies, and other sources that address particular concerns, and the "Workshops" tab connects you with recordings of workshops presented by Xenos counselors.

Keep these resources in mind as you think through issues, counsel a friend, or prepare a teaching. 

Get Started on a Better Financial Plan

The GIFT Ministry is offering a free seminar on personal financial planning, Saturday, February 17th at the Main Campus Cafe (1394 Community Park Dr. 43229). You'll learn the Biblical view of money and finances, and get started on creating a budget.

The seminar will be led by investment advisers and GIFT Ministry volunteers, and they ask you to bring a laptop or tablet. It goes from 9:00 am-12:00 pm.

If you'd like to register, go to If you have questions, contact Emily at

Trinity Offers Free Lecture on Crisis Counseling

What's the best way to help others, particularly those in your church, in the midst of a crisis? Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS) in Columbus is hosting its Winter Open House Friday, February 16th, featuring Dr. Donald Lichi.

He'll present a lecture from his class on Crisis Counseling, looking at the role of the local church in counseling, and the value of a Christian crisis counselor.

Admission is free. The lecture runs from 7:00-8:30 pm and will be at the Main Campus Auditorium (1390 Community Park Dr., 43229).

For more information, email

Upcoming Class on Friendship for High Schoolers

Good friendships are critical to enjoying close fellowship as Christians. Among teens the overuse of technology, a fear of being vulnerable, and other cultural trends make it especially hard for them to connect deeply.

This month Shane Coulter will be leading a workshop for high schoolers called "Real Friends: Building Real Friendships." He'll talk about how to develop deep friendships, particularly in their home church, and why it's important. He says he and other high school home church leaders see the lack of deep friendships as one of the main obstacles to winning more teens to a committed walk with God, and to teens enjoying their relationship with God.

Creative Service

By Adrienne Luke

In Xenos, home church night is one of the most important nights of the week. It’s a time when servants of God and friends of Christ come together to take in scripture and spend quality time with one another around some tasty snacks. But sometimes, for one reason or another, members have to miss home church—maybe the flu, an opportunity to meet with a non-Christian friend, or even a mandatory work meeting. These things happen. 

Recently the Hunter/Riggs home church took a few nights to serve their community.

Your Giving Always Matters

What happens if we raise more money than we have budgeted for 2018? It may seem like “my giving doesn’t really make a difference” if the pledges are quickly approaching, or have even exceeded, the budget amount for this year.

But that’s not the case!

Pledging is important because it allows our church to plan for what it might expect to receive in a calendar year. Based on that expectation, goals can be finalized, plans can be implemented, purchases can be made.

But pledging is just one aspect. The money still has to be received. Some years, dollars collected comes in below the amount that was pledged. Other times, like in 2016 and 2017, giving exceeds pledging.