Catch the Vision for Our Church

by Chris DeVille
One of the most unusual features of Xenos is our approach to money. Not only do we keep open books, we give people on the Fiscal Support Team* the chance to vote on which ministries to fund. Those who want to be in the know should attend the annual Vision & Stewardship meeting. This year’s event is at 9 a.m. on Saturday, Jan. 24 at the Main Campus Auditorium. We will also be simulcasting to the Cafe at the Main Building! If you are eligible to vote, ballots will be available and must be picked up at the Main Campus front lobby before the meeting. Each voter is allowed one ballot, for themselves only.
The V&S meeting gives us the ‘big picture’ on how our financial giving translates into ministry that glorifies God and serves people,” lead pastor Gary DeLashmutt said. “It also gives us the opportunity to have a prayerful ‘say’ on what new ministry initiatives to undertake.” 
Throughout the morning, the elders and division coordinators will break down where last year’s funding went and explain new initiatives they hope to fund for 2015. The divisions that will present at V&S include student ministries, adult ministries, equipping, missions, operations & administration, and support services. There will be a short break from 10:15 to 10:30 am. A Q&A session will allow the rest of the fellowship to have a voice at the meeting.
“At the Vision & Stewardship meeting it becomes obvious we all have different capacities for strategic planning, tactical implementation and understanding the finances required to move God's kingdom ahead,” operations & administration coordinator Steve Bauer said. “And I see people grappling with the details together in a real God-honoring way at these meetings.” 
The name of the meeting says it all, really: We come together (1) to get a vision for how God is moving in this fellowship and (2) to decide how to steward (that is, manage) the resources He has given us to support His movement.
“These are meetings that help people put form around what they don't know about while enhancing their knowledge about things they do participate in,” Bauer said. “And they come away both pumped and as informed messengers for our wonderful church.”
*The Fiscal Support Team is for those pledging 5% of their annual gross income to the church (3% can be pledged  the first year with a plan to get to the 5% level). FST members must attend the Vision and Stewardship meeting in order to vote.