Southeast Asia

The SEAsia Team

The sights on the islands of Southeast Asia are often breathtaking: terraced rice patties cascading down mountainsides, majestic volcanoes, a magnificent array of wildlife and flowers. It’s a land abundant with beauty, exotic foods, glorious colors, and plenty of smiling faces; however, just beyond the allure of the beauty, lies a staggering spiritual need. These islands have had the distinction of being one of the largest unreached people groups in the world.  But, that is changing! 

God, working through many faithful servants over many years, has brought about a spiritual movement in this area!  Currently, three XCF church planting families have the great privilege of watching this miraculous movement of the Spirit, and remain committed to being used of God for his good intentions toward these people.

Despite the significant progress, the work is still difficult. Believers are likely to face rejection of family and loss of protection from governing authorities. Poverty and spiritual oppression are ever present.  Most live in daily fear of “gods” and spirits who can turn on them at any moment.

For this reason, we continue to pray they experience the peace and freedom that comes from a personal relationship with Christ.