Long-Term Missions Reference Form

Please visit our description of the Servant Team & Qualifications for Deacons to inform your responses to the questions on this form.

If filling out a reference form for a married couple, please fill out each question with both applicants in mind. Show clearly which applicant you are referring to if you sense that the question needs to be answered separately for each applicant.

In what ministries is the applicant involved? Is the applicant effective in his/her current ministry roles?
What is your assessment of his/her track record in discipleship ministry? Has he/she shown to be capable of developing mature disciples into leadership?
What spiritual giftings does the applicant possess?
What is your assessment of his/her ability to lead with a ministry team? Describe his/her greatest strengths and weaknesses when leading with a team.
What is your assessment of his/her Bible teaching experience, ability, and quality of teachings?
What is your assessment of his/her biblical knowledge? What factors inform this conclusion?
What is your assessment of his/her capacity to be discerning and strategic in ministry?
Are you confident he/she is prepared for cross-cultural ministry? How do you think he/she will do in a cross-cultural context?
What is your assessment of his/her decision-making process for pursuing long-term missions?
Describe his/her character strengths and potential contributions.
Describe his/her character weaknesses and potential problems.
What is your assessment of his/her primary relationships (marriage, friends, family, homechurch members, etc.)? If filling out for a married couple, please focus most of your attention on their marriage's strengths, weaknesses, potential problems, overall impressions, etc.
Does he/she practice a financially responsible lifestyle? (e.g. spending within his/her means, victory over materialism, sacrificial giving, absence of crippling financial entanglements, etc.)
What is your assessment of his/her emotional stability? Are you aware of any mental health or emotional conditions he/she has been diagnosed, treated, and/or hospitalized for in the last 5 years? Does he/she have a history of suicidal ideation or self-harm behavior? What is your assessment of the current state of his/her mental and emotional health?
What is your assessment of his/her physical health?
Are there any factors that lead you to believe he/she is disqualified from long-term missions?
Do you foresee any problems in the area of sexuality? What is your assessment of his/her sexual integrity?
To the best of your knowledge, are you aware of any incidents where he/she has committed or has been accused, charged or alleged to have committed any act of neglecting, abusing or molesting any children? Are you aware of him/her ever having been sexually attracted to pre or post-pubescent children? This includes sexual misconduct or sexual advancements with minors.
What informs your recommendation or lack thereof? Is there any additional information you would like us to know?