Thanks for Your Donation to Mercy Medical Center in 2016

May 18, 2017

Dear Friends,

As I reflect over 2016 and the MMC ministry today, it is clear that a firm foundation has been set, positioning MMC for an exciting future vision. Some of this foundation is evident just by looking - in 2016 all of the physical facilities of MMC were completed, landscape and all. But this is just an outward expression of a more significant foundation made of people, not bricks:

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  • As the first national attending physician (graduate of the MMC residency), Dr. Sok Run has also joined the leadership team, and serves one full day a week in the outreach division.
  • Two full time national counselors are ministering daily, bringing spiritual and emotional healing from a war torn past.
  • All key services are in place for a great primary care referral center.
  • The nursing staff is strong, able to care for the challenging cases we see, and able to teach new nurses.
  • Administrative staffing is stronger than ever, with solid HR systems in place and running smoothly.

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In addition, our missionaries are discipling leaders, who are discipling others in their churches as well as at MMC. Some of the planted churches have planted again, and national church movements in several provinces are fortified as MMC compassionately cares for the people they refer. And since all of these things were clearly coming together, the leadership team was able to envision the long view in a tangible way!

“ We envision Christian Health Initiatives in every province of Cambodia, partnering with the local church in making disciples of Christ, and forming vital communities of believers.”

We ask for your prayers, that according to His will, this vision would be realized in the years to come. And we thank you for walking this journey with us, so far and in the years to come.

For more information, please see our most recent annual report

Together with you for Jesus,

Tim Benadum, MD