Thanks for Your Donation to Haiti Relief & Equipping in 2016

April 18, 2017

Dear Friend of Haiti,

Thank you for your financial support of the exciting ministry in Haiti during 2016! 

We were especially moved by the generosity of Xenos friends who donated after Hurricane Matthew, which devastated the western peninsula in October, 2016. We were able to send enough money to local partners who could then provide:

  • 270,000 meals within days of the storm; 
  • a water filtration center near the Beraka church;
  • installation of glass windows on the clinic to protect against rain damage; and
  • roofing and construction materials to repair damaged homes in Pastor Duplessy’s home town, Berault. Pastor reports that nearly 30 roofs have been replaced in the months since the storm.

He and some young men from Beraka also transported saplings and seeds to help the people restart their gardens. Please continue to pray for the rebuilding of these communities.

Weather is just one of the unpredictable, unstable factors affecting our friends in Haiti. The Haitian gourde continues to lose value against the US dollar, dropping from 56 gdes/$US to 66 gds/$US in 2016. The election results from October, 2015 were thrown out because of corruption, and the country marked time under a provisional government for much of 2016, until the election of the new president, Jovenel Moise, was installed in February, 2017. Recently, the U.N. announced plans to pull out of Haiti in October, 2017.

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But despite difficult conditions, the church continues to expand! The mobile clinic, led by Haiti practioner, Dr. Jean and his nursing team, has been a tremendous tool used by God to reach further into the towns near Jacmel. Xenos ministry teams had the privilege of partnering with the Beraka church in:

  • 9 clinic locations in 2016;
  • sending teams of doctors, dentists and an optometrist that treated 900 patients; and
  • seeing 165 new brothers and sisters pray to receive Christ during these clinics.

 Praise God for this sweet partnership!

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As we look forward to 2017, we are praying for God to raise up 4 regional church-planting leaders, to help establish new churches and provide training and oversight in these hard-to-reach areas. We are praying with Pastor Duplessy and the church leaders for 24 new church plants this year, bolstered by the mobile clinics and strengthened by the regional leaders.

We thank God for the theological training that Xenos has helped bring to Jacmel through a satellite location of the M.E.B.S.H. (Evangelical Baptist) Bible school. Nearly all of the house church leaders within 30 minutes of the Beraka church are participating in these Bible classes, and we are excited to see what God will do with this well-trained workforce!

Thanks again for helping to bring hope to Haiti through your giving and prayers in 2016!

On Behalf of our Friend & Haitian Partner, Pastor Eval Duplessey,
David & Teresa DiPietro