Thanks for Your Donation to Fountain of Hope in 2016!

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April, 2017

Dear friends!

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What a joy to send another "Thank You" letter to you! It reminds me of your faithfulness in giving, but even more of His Love and Faithfulness to the Cambodians! He so desires to bring them to His heart. Thank you for your obedience in giving and praying. I guess you will only find out when we meet Jesus face-to-face how big is the smile on His face! 

As a fellow-giver and prayer partner, I want to not only thank you, but also encourage you to continue to do so! You should all receive the regular newsletter with the many great things that God is doing in the heart and lives of people. If you are not getting this newsletter but would like to, please contact Holly McCallum.

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Let me say that 2016 was another great year with 54 cell churches and 1,000's of people reached in a holistic way. Jesus not only desired to see them saved, He also went to them and met their needs.

And, people came to Him!  Another province has asked us to come and bring His work there…that can only be God! Pray with me for more partners and connections so that finances will not restrict us.


For even more great news and updates, take a look at our most recent Annual Report.

Love and blessings!

Joke Van Opstal