Thanks for Your Donation to Youth for Christ in 2016

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May 31, 2017

Dear Humanitarian Aid Fund Friends:

Central Ohio Youth for Christ sincerely thanks you for your partnership in our mission to reach young people throughout Central Ohio.  The gift of the Humanitarian Aid Fund helps to support our various outreaches to teens in many different contexts: urban, suburban, incarcerated and trafficked. We’re thankful to God for how He has blessed YFC’s ministry this past year:

  • 1,108 teens and adults heard the Gospel
  • 202 made decisions for Christ
  • 61 teens committed to a discipleship relationship
  • 42 young people chose to become student leaders

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“Miami” is a middle-school student who comes to our City Life Center nearly every day. He’s in mentoring, fitness, music class, photography class and middle school Bible study. He’s usually excited to come to the Center and see his friends. But one day when Cat picked him and others up at school to take them to the Center he was particularly grim and said, “Just take me home.” After some prodding he said a fellow student found lice in his hair and told “everyone.” Horrified and embarrassed, he just wanted to be alone. But Cat convinced him to go to the Center anyway where they could help him. So Miami and his mentor went to the store and bought the special gel used to treat lice. They even made a game of it by using the gel to create goofy hair-dos. Eventually they returned to the Center where they had dinner and practiced basketball.

This is the heart of relational ministry – giving of yourself, loving unconditionally to allow the love of Christ to shine – even when it’s itchy and uncomfortable.

If our teens don’t truly know that we care for them, they’re not going to listen to what we say about God. But when those bonds are formed and teens are ready to listen, God works mightily to draw them into a relationship with Him

We praise God that He allows us to work with teens who so desperately want to be loved and accepted. And we thank you for helping to equip us for this work through your prayers and gifts.

Thank you so much for your investment in Central Ohio Youth for Christ through the Humanitarian Aid Fund.

In Him,

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Scott Arnold
Executive Director