Thanks for Your Donation to Xenos Free Clinics in 2015!

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April 2016

Dear Xenos Free Clinic Donors,

We have had a great year at the Xenos Free Clinics, lots of changes to report!  We are deeply grateful for what God continues to do at these clinics, and for the generous support we receive from YOU!  This is our eighth year providing really great medical, legal, optometry, prescription assistance, physical therapy, and dental care to many many folks who otherwise would not be able to receive it. 

Across the nation, many free clinics have shut down as a result to changes in health care.  The emergency rooms are now commonly serving as primary care givers.  This has decreased the number of uninsured patients, and a decrease in the numbers of patients seen in free clinics.  As a response to this we have decreased the clinics, in location and frequency: 1) our west side clinic is directly down the street from a faith based Monday through Friday FREE primary care facility which provides great care, so this location it was an obvious choice, and 2) our Fourth Street clinic was seeing lower numbers as well, but with a decrease in frequency we are now seeing nights full of patients. If this continues we will no doubt be able to increase our frequency again at this location. 

If you have never stopped by one of the clinics you really should. It is a blast to see old and young, and patients from all over the world!

In 2015 we were able to serve in these ways:

  • 591 registered volunteers, of which 145 are active. 
  • 115 clinic sessions, down from 157 in 2014. 
  • 11 Legal clinics, 53 dental clinics, 52 combined medical clinics, 23 optometry clinics 
  • 1,380 volunteer shifts & 280 patient visits this year
  • A total of 2,670 patients served - and a total of 7,001 visits to our clinics since 2008!

In addition, since our inception there have been 1,982 prayer sessions with our patients, with at least 91 receiving Christ.  In 2015, a total of 41 prayer sessions, and 5 who indicated that they received Christ.

Each week we have volunteers from our church and the community, and we have a great program with OSU for first year medical students. This is a great way for them to gain experience with our doctors who love to teach and love to share the good news not only with their patients, but with medical students as well.

Thank You so much for your generous support!  We continue to be so thankful for what God is doing through the Xenos Free Clinics.

Margo Shaw