Thanks for Your Donation to World Relief in 2015!

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April, 2016

Dear Friends and Partners of World Relief, Columbus,

2015 was an exciting year of growth for World Relief, Columbus. God has generously blessed us with another successful year of serving the most vulnerable. We are very grateful and appreciate your support!  In 2015 we resettled 231 refugees (10% above our original allocation) from Bhutan, Burma (Myanmar), Eritrea, Iraq, Somalia, Pakistan, Iran, Sudan, Syria, Ethiopia, and Uganda.  We are looking forward to serving 325 refugees in 2016.

There are currently volunteers from four home groups in Xenos that are volunteering their time and services at our ministry apartments.  In 2015 we added 100 volunteers overall. We are looking forward to adding more volunteers and programs this year.

We have 3 ministry apartments that are located where refugees reside so they do not have to travel for services.  Classes currently offered are ESL, after-school tutoring, citizenship, women’s health, adult tutoring, English partners, and safety classes.  Computer literacy, financial and employment readiness classes are in the development process. We welcome volunteers and we provide training classes for all volunteers.

2015 was also productive spiritually.  The love of Christ had been shared with many refugees and some are now followers of Jesus. We are excited for what God will do in 2016! We look forward to another productive year serving in this ministry. Thank you again for your support!


In Christ,

Kay Lipovsky
World Relief, Columbus