2014 Xenos Free Clinics







March 2015

Dear Xenos Free Clinic Donors,

This year the contributions of 15 households fully funded the operational costs for the Xenos Free Clinics through their generous donations through the Humanitarian Aid Fund at Xenos.  It is amazing and encouraging to see how God works though people to get things done.

Since the founding of the Xenos Free Clincs in 2008, we have had an outstanding group of coordinators, prayer team members, registration and data entry volunteers, prescription assistance nurses, physical therapists, nurses, dentists, lawyers and physicians, who volunteer their time to this ministry year after year.  The growth and success of the Xenos Free Clinics is a testimony to their faith.

With the opening of our 3rd clinic at Xenos Main Campus in January this year, we now have 3 Medical Clinic locations, a full service Optometry Clinic, Dental Clinic, Physical Therapy Clinic and Legal Clinic.  The most important mission of all of these clinics is ntroducing the gospel to our patients by our prayer teams.

In 2014, we are grateful to have:

  • 647 total visits
  • 170 active volunteers who staffed -
    • 157 medical clinics
    • 59 dental clinics
    • 22 optometry clinics
    • 12 physical therapy clinics
    • 8 legal clinics

Since 2008, the Xenos Free Clinics have served 2,587 patients in 6,766 visits and 1,946 prayer team sessions - with at least 88 people reporting they received Christ during these sessions - and 1,946 seeds planted!

Bruce Robinson has been with the clinics virtually since day 1.  It is no exaggeration to say that God has worked through Bruce as Executive Director of the Xenos Free Clinics to make all of the above possible.  He has volunteered hundreds of hours over the years, prayed with hundreds of patients, and made personal sacrifices to make this ministry a success. The clinics would not have the multiple venues and disciplines that we have if not for Bruce Robinson.

Bruce is leaving the clinics this year and Margo Connors Shaw who currently operates the North Fourth clinic location has faithfully stepped up to take the position of Executive Director of the clinics.  We are confident that Margo will carry on what Bruce has started.


Thank you for supporting the Xenos Free Clinics!




Doug Rudy, Ministry Director        Margo Shaw, Executive Director       Tony Khoury, Medical Director