2014 World Relief Refugee Resettlement


2014 Annual Report

World Relief Columbus is a refugee resettlement agency.  The Columbus office opened in January, 2012 and welcomed our first refugee family in February, 2012.  To date we have resettled 520 refugees. .  In 2014 we resettled 240 refugees from Bhutan, Burma (Myanmar), Eritrea, Iraq, Somalia, Pakistan, Iran, Sudan, Syria, China, Kazakhstan, and the Congo.  We are looking forward to serving 230-240 refugees for the 2015 year.


World Relief Columbus’s mission is to empower the local church community to serve the most vulnerable. There is a great need for volunteers to come alongside our refugee families not only in the 90 day time frame we, as an agency, are providing core services but also after this time period to help them on their way to self-sufficiency.


Two years ago WR Columbus opened 3 ministry apartments where refugees reside to offer much needed services to move refugees toward self-sufficiency.  These apartments are located where refugees reside so they do not have to travel for services.  Classes currently offered are ESL, after-school tutoring, citizenship, women’s health, adult tutoring, English partners, and safety classes.  We will be adding computer literacy and employment readiness classes soon. WR Columbus administrates the apartments through donors but churches own the ministry. We welcome volunteers and we provide training classes and background check for all volunteers.


God Accomplishes!

  • 100 volunteers from various churches are now serving in 3 ministry apartments.
  • A second after school tutoring program was started because of the high demand.
  • 2 additional ESL classes for adults were started.
  • Many relationships between volunteers have developed into long term friendships, many through the after school tutoring program where volunteers meet the parents and spend time with them as well.
  • The gospel is spreading throughout the communities through service to refugees at these apartments.
  • 3 families have received Christ and more are interested in further investigation.
  • Curriculums for ESL, student tutoring, women’s health, and citizenship were developed and launched successfully.
  • Vetted and trained 60 volunteers for service in ministry apartments
  • Currently, 3 home groups from Xenos have volunteers serving in our ministry apartments.
  • WR Columbus was one of the first responders to the fire in September, 2014 at Victorian Commons where 1 of our Nepali families resided and lost everything. We also assisted with another Nepali family that was not our client.  We were able to provide new housing, furniture, beds, clothing and household items for both families.  God used the love and service to our clients to bring the family to Christ and going to bible studies!



Looking Forward

In 2015 we are looking at another year of strong numbers for resettlement.  Our goal is to serve our clients in a way in which honors God.  We are hoping to open another ministry apartment in the Summit Park complex to continue to meet the needs there.  We are grateful for how God has provided for us and are certain that He will continue to do so through the church community.






New beds, furniture, household items, food, bus passes for 2 Congolese families


$ 1,000

Ministry Apartment rent/utilities (1/3 rent)

$ 2,000

Curriculum for student tutoring program (ministry Apt)

$    500

Curriculum for ESL programs (ministry apt)

$    700

Women’s health resources and supplies

$    300

Beds, furniture, household items for new refugee families

$    500


$ 5,000




Kay Lipovsky


World Relief, Columbus