2014 Friendship School, Cambodia

April 20, 2015

Dear Partner,

Thanks to your support, we had another successful year of school!  We now have classes through sixth grade, with nine staff members teaching 150 students.  In addition, we continue to strive to plant house churches in the Kampong Cham area.

Last year, a youth Bible study was started for our older students.  At this time, we see an average of thirty students every Saturday, with many becoming more and more grounded in the Word. Join us in praying for the students to see this meeting as an opportunity to bring out their friends. 

The youth group has also been a great training ground for our teachers, who are learning to teach and encouraging the students to serve in new ways.

For example, last month the students collectively worked together in preparing their first student led meeting. How great would it be for the students to catch wind of a student led ministry! Please be in prayer that we could have a harvest of students and split our youth group into two this year. 

The friendship school will enter into middle school at the end of this year. As with school in America, Khmer school starts to break out into specialized subjects. We are faced with challenging strategic decisions on how to maintain quality involvement, while having the possibility of bringing in teachers that may not be Christians or share the same vision as the school. Please join us in prayer for direction from the Lord on the wisest path to take and for the Lord to bring us quality individuals to invest into the long-term spiritual lives of our students.


Thanks for your continuing support,

The Friendship School