2014 Epic Camp Assistance












Dear Humanitarian Aid Fund Donor:

On behalf of the Xenos High School Ministry, thank you for your support of the Epic Summer Camp. God continues 
to work powerfully through this week, which has grown from less than 300 students up to over 650 in a matter of five years. Many students have made the decision to trust and follow Christ during this trip. God has worked powerfully through Epic, and we are praying that He will continue to do so!                                


Epic is the centerpiece event of a burgeoning high school ministry. God has been expanding and growing our ministry across the board – and Epic is the high point of this movement. Your role in helping students attend Epic is an incredible blessing that helps make this happen. This trip changes lives – both of non-Christians coming to know Christ personally and of Christians coming to deeper convictions and understandings of their faith and walking away with renewed zeal for the Lord.


Everyone gets to participate in deep devotional readings and discussions, daily fellowship, and incredible Bible teachings by some of the best teachers in our church. Many students give their testimonies at the end of the week at Epic speaking to how much it has impacted them, changed them, or gave them that final nudge they needed to decide to trust Christ with their life. There is a very special thing happening here in the high school ministry; many students are being empowered to develop powerful walks with the Lord through this camp. We are extremely grateful for your support in continuing that process.


Thank you very much! Please join us in praying that our students will continue to grow with the Lord and be examples to the world around them. Pray also that non-Christians will continue to come to Epic and be blown away by God’s reality through the fellowship, teachings, and love that they see, walking away from Epic “declaring, ‘God is truly here among you.’” (1 Cor. 14:25).



In Christ,

Brian Adams
Epic Director
Xenos Christian Fellowship