2013 King's Hospital, Haiti





Avenue  Mais Gaté, 42

Petite Place Cazeau, Tabarre

Port-au-Prince, Haiti




Dear Xenos Friends,

Thank you again for the Xenos contribution that helped us implement the Mother and Child Health (MCH) project started in the beginning of March 2013. Your contribution of 30,000 US dollars along with the $10,000 of Elmbrook church of Milwaukee, WI and the funding of 78,000 us dollars of Tearfund UK made a total of $118,000 out of the 195,825 we needed for the budget of the project. We were able to accomplish so much and reach most of our objectives.

It is definitely too soon to measure the real impact of our activities on the families and the communities where we worked but, we are sure that lives have been saved, more leaders have been trained and are now capable of training others in their neighborhood to adopt better behavior for their physical and spiritual life.



More than 22,662 people (out of 17,860 = 127%) have benefited from the project, 14,769 women (65%) and 7893 men (35%). Out of this number 20% were children both boys and girls.


Sensitization (Information)

More than 12,510 people (7,977 women and 4,533 men) attended the educative sessions on priority health topic on cholera, vaccination, good nutrition, importance of breastfeeding, family planning, and diarrhea case management in the churches, the schools and at King’s.



  • 187 church leaders (127 men and 60 women) attended our 14 sessions on the role of the church to promote good health practice for the members of their congregations. 98% of our objectives.
  • 160 Responsible Parent Clubs were realized out of the 240 planned (66%) in 30 churches. We realized 5 per churches instead of the 8 planned. 3,144 parents (2,515 women and 629 men) participated in the meetings.
  • 100 church animators (60 women and 40 men) were recruited and trained instead of the 60 planned. (167%)  Their role has been to encourage parents in the churches to be better fathers and mothers, better husbands and wives, to provide good care to their children and to raise them according to Christian values.



  • 4,584 children under 5 years old were vaccinated with different types of vaccines but 536 (74%) out of 720 are completely immunized. The remaining will be completely vaccinated soon.
  • 829 women (479 in childbearing age and 350 pregnant women) out of 950 were completely immunized. (87%)



  • We had to see in our prenatal consultations 450 women. We followed up only 217 (46%).
  • Instead of 50 C-section and 283 normal deliveries, we performed 61(122%) and 56 (20%), respectively (117 out of 333). It is our weakest performance of the project.


  1. Last year, the services delivered to the pregnant were free of charge. In this project, Tearfund UK  suggested that we charged a small fee of 40 US dollars for the 9 month prenatal follow up consultation, the lab tests, the iron/folate medicine and the delivery either normal or by C-section. Unfortunately, several of the women living in the camps who came to the program preferred to stay home because they could not afford to pay the 40 US dollars fee requested. However, few of them who came anyway were taken care of, as we never refused care to any person presented with an emergency need.
  2. The gynecologist specialists increased their honorarium in the middle of the project making it difficult to accept more pregnant women at the end of the project.
  3. Several women decided to go to the MOH (Ministry of Health) maternity for their follow up and their delivery because of free service provided in those clinics but a few of them were referred to King’s Hospital when they had indications for C-sections.

Lessons Learned

The main beneficiaries of this Obstetrical project had to be the most vulnerable women of the churches and the camps. Unfortunately, some church and camp leaders sent us a few people who could afford to pay the fees. We had to stop that in order for the poorest to benefit from the program. New strategies will be developed for the next project to assure that only the neediest in the community are admitted to take advantage of that service.

Several pregnant women continue to come to us to register to the OB program. My heart wasbroken last week when I heard that a 7 month pregnant woman was told that the project was at its end, meaning she will have to pay the 125 US dollars charge for a normal delivery or 1000 US dollar charge for a C-section. She was so badly surprised and she started crying, saying “What am I going to do? What am I going to do? I am a poor woman.” Of course, we decided to keep her in the program but this is going to be a problem for us when more come.


Pediatric Clinic

Our Pediatrician continues to provide consultations to more and more children coming from the vicinity of the hospital.

One of the most touching stories this year was this lady who came with her child, who was seriously dehydrated. She was admitted in spite of the fact she could not pay the few gourdes we charged.A few days later, when the child was to be discharged, she came back, insisting to see and to thank me saying “Thank you to King’s because my baby is living and he can go home alive.”

As she was talking, the boy was waving to everyone and flashing his angelic smile. So many children die with dehydration from diarrhea, but, just one life is precious in the eyes of God. We are glad that King’s is playing an important role in declining the infant and maternal mortality rates in the country especially through this MCH Program.


Spiritual training

We praise God for giving us the vision to link the health activities to the ministry of the church leaders in our community. We were able to train them not only to promote health in their communities but also to equip them to teach the Word of God in their congregations. Xenos and Elmbrook taught 4 sessions during the year for respectively 37 and 43 of our partner church volunteers and Pastors. Those 80 participants are extremely excited by those seminars and have already started to share the lessons learned in their respective communities. 19 Pastors who attended the one day seminar taught by Pastor Jim Leffel and David Dipietro have organized themselves as a church planting committee to support each other’s church and to spread their idea throughout the country with the help of Pastor Smith Lyron, our chaplain. We also praise God for Mrs. Mary Ann Lee, Jan Whittow and Kathy from Elmbrook for the relevant topics of their sessions.


Mobile Clinics

The MCH team has also organized 7 mobile clinics with Xenos, Elmbrook and Denver Community medical teams in churches and tent cities outside of Port-au-Prince, consulting more than 655 children and adults and dispensing medicines and health kits to the majority of them.  Even though, we were not too far from Port-au-Prince, the Capital city, it shows the depth of the medical needs of this semi-rural population. Praise God for Mitzi for her recovery from her ankle fracture in February 2013 and who came back again this year with her Husband Dr Garry Barker to participate in 2 of those clinics this year.



In addition to the 51 people who accepted Jesus as their personal Savior at the hospital last year through the ministry led by Pastor Lyron, our chaplain, 2 more patients made the decisions to follow Jesus at the Mobile clinics.

  1. Let’s praise God for the surgery of Pastor Lyron that was a success.  He is presently back for 2 weeks in Florida where he is visiting his relatives. He will be in Haiti in the middle of March.
  2. Let’s pray that the Lord will make provision for the MCH program and King’s to continue:
  • providing the service to the most vulnerable of the population;
  • promoting the link between health and Bible teachings to encourage church and community members to adopt a better behavior for a real transformation of their physical and spiritual health;
  • mobilizing the church leaders in a church planting movement to equip the Pastors and other lay leaders for a real in-depth revival of the evangelical churches in the vicinity of the hospital and in the country.


Dr. Hubert Morquette

March 5, 2014