2013 Bhutanese Refugees

April 25, 2014


Dear HADF donor,

Thank you for your generous donation to the 2013 Xenos Humanitarian Aid and Development Fund (HADF) to assist Bhutanese Refugees! Below are some of the ways your donation has been useful for the Kingdom and in bringing glory to God.

Huge Bhutanese Community     The community is growing as are the reputations of Jesus and Xenos among the 15,000+ Bhutanese in Columbus. The primary migration from Nepal has been busy and will continue, but the year 2015 may be the last. The secondary migration from other cities of the US has been very heavy too. Some people believe there are now 20,000 Bhutanese in Columbus, making it one of the largest populations of Bhutanese in the US (along with Atlanta, Dallas). I do not doubt this because I meet new people every week.

Great Story from 2014     Kim Geiser recently shared the following exciting account. I thought it was great that many people from her home church got involved.

“We were asked to lunch today after the Nepali Central Teaching. The head of house, Roshan Sankhar, who just moved to the US a few weeks ago, said he was very touched by the many gifts of household items and furniture that his family received from Christians. Knowing that some other members of his extended family were Christian (Ravi, our translator; Ravi's father, Sar, who is the oldest member of this family clan; plus others) made him wonder more about Christianity. He called his family together last week to discuss if they should all remain Hindu or become Christian. They informed us at lunch that they all wanted to become Christians. We talked through this decision with them, shared our stories and bible verses to ensure they were ready to do this. The sweetest thing was that they wanted their believing family members to be there with them as they did this, and especially Sar. They asked that we - plus the Morenos and Nordmans - come back later that evening along with their believing relatives to lead them to Christ. 

That night, Ravi and his father read salvation scriptures to their family and explained in detail what it means to become a Christian. Ravi then led them all in salvation prayer. Afterwards, a few of the Nepali Christians shared. One woman said she had been praying for these family members to come to Christ for MANY years, especially her husband who is now a Christian. The oldest family member, Sar, also shared his salvation story. It was very sweet, as he was once a Hindu witch doctor! (To learn more about this, visit YouTube - Bhutanese Jumping Doctor).

Camp and Retreat Assistance     One way these funds are used is to help kids from an eastern religion background (Hindu, Buddhist, Kirati), have the opportunity to join their fellow youth or cell group members on cell group retreats and summer camp. Approximately half of the children have become Christians, while others continue to investigate.  

Bibles and Jesus DVDs     Everyone who comes from a refugee camp arrives with a very small amount of funds for furnishing their entire apartment. Xenos has been very busy helping these families furnish their apartments with supplies and gently used furniture. Some are afraid they will have to pay for these things, but are happily surprised to find that what is given is FREE, due in part to this HADF project, and also in part to donated items from Xenos members. They also receive a Jesus DVD in multiple languages, including Nepali. Many ask for Bibles too. Thank you again for your donations that enable us to give away the saving message of Jesus in the heart language of these refugees.

Shipping and Handling Costs? No way!     I am happy to report $0 of your donation is used for administration, salaries, promotion, or solicitation (no handling, packaging, or shipping either). Gifts to the Bhutanese Refugee project of the HADF are used 100% for humanitarian aid, development, and ministry.

Finally, from the bottom of my heart - and speaking on behalf of many others - I thank you for your participation. Please feel free to contact me to get more involved or for any reason: walkerd@xenos.org.

Pray with me that God will show us how to use all the donations in the wisest way!


Danny Walker