Serving Single Parents

Did you know 39% of households with children in Franklin county are single parent households? That is approximately 191,000 households relying on one person to do childcare, house maintenance, car maintenance, and more - along with finding time to spend quality time with their children. As we are called by the Lord to serve and love one another, here is a tangible way for us to do so - both in our Christian community and by reaching out to those around us with the new Serving Single Parents ministry. We are also working with the new Military Ministry to also serve those parents with partners away serving our country.

If you or someone you know is a single parent in need of help with childcare, house/lawn care, car maintenance, or anything else - please feel free to reach out by phone at 614-823-6510 ext. 1724 or by email at Also feel free to reach out if you feel burdened to serve! Our goal is to get these parents as much free time with their children as possible, as well as time to grow in their relationship with God and even just have a night to themselves to relax. No one should feel they are alone when we as a community have so much to give to those in need.

614-823-6510 ext. 1724