Never Alone Ministry

Our mission is to help people gain a biblical footing for recovery through Bible study, involvement in Christian community, prayer and building relationships with other Christians. We also strive to help people find long-term success through spiritual growth and through sharing their faith with others.

We are looking for 3 things:

  1. Home churches or individuals who would volunteer to bring food once every 2 months.
  2. Individuals who are willing to pick up people from different programs and bring them to the meeting and drive them home. This gives the person to get to know these men/women and possibly form a friendship that can lead to a mentoring type relationship. These people are searching for God. Many have a faith in God but are not grounded and have little knowledge of the word.
  3. People who are willing to mentor people with whom they have developed a relationship. We believe the key to staying clean and becoming the person God has planned for you to be is in the means of growth. We always talk about ‘the 6 things’, the means of growth. Having someone who is rooted in the word and in fellowship helps these folks who are struggling to gain solid footing and begin or continue their walk with God. As we can testify, it also blesses the one who is serving.
Ron Verrilla
614 905-1122