Life Coaching

Xenos is reaching more students who don't have the tools to navigate the functional areas of life than ever before. Many of them come into the church struggling academically, lacking access to good health care, and unprepared to face the demands of living as a productive adult in society.

With a little help and encouragement, these students can live with other Christians, land a good job, and go to college. Without help, simple things like not being able to get a driver’s license impede their progress toward these goals. Volunteer Life Coaches provide practical guidance that is crucial to help students take the next step toward becoming independent, self-sufficient adults.

Life coaches meet with low-income students weekly to help them develop life skills:

  • Landing and keeping a job.
  • Accessing good health care.
  • Completing high school and pursuing further education.
  • Accessing financial aid.
  • Following a budget.
  • Working hard and being a valuable employee.
  • Loving family members and setting healthy boundaries.
  • Developing healthy habits: eating well, exercising, planning, establishing routines, etc.

To learn more about life coaching, contact Liz Sweet (

Liz Sweet