Bhutanese Relief & Ministry

Kim Geiser
(614) 823-6500

When a Bhutanese refugee family arrives in Columbus they come with most of their worldly possessions in hand.  This consists of a few duffle bags full of clothing, some kitchen wares and an assortment of other small items. 

Xenos is committed to helping as many of these families as possible settle into their new homes by providing them with the essentials of daily life.  One of the resettlement agencies call it a Welcome Basket, but the name is deceiving as you can see by the list below.  We are always collecting new and gently used items, so if you are interested in donating please contact Kim Geiser at

dish set toothbrushes lotion TV
silverware tooth paste towels/washclothes converter box
drinking glasses dish soap rugs - bath & living room microwave - small
coffee cups sponges pillows vacuum cleaner
mixing bowls kitchen trash bags blankets lamps
frying pans broom/dustpan hangers dvd player
pot sets (esp. lg) mop/bucket light bulbs couch
cutting board paper towel notebooks soft sided chair
sharp knives shampoo pens/pencils TV stand
cooking utensils toilet paper scissors small coffee talbe
dish towels razors sewing kit dining table
trash can (lg. & sm) deodorant laundry basket dining chairs
serving platters shower curtain laundry detergent dresser
rice cooker shower rings battery assort. nightstand
hot pads bar soap combs & brushes all purpose cleaner
tablecloth (plastic) first aid kit    

If you are interested in befriending and working with the Bhutanese, contact Kim Geiser at