A Seven Day Devotional on Evangelism

For each passage, consider what it teaches about evangelism. Ask what each teaches about God’s part and our part in the process. Ask what it reveals about God’s heart for the lost. Always end your meditation with the question, what could I do in response to this passage?

For verses marked with a *, the NLT is especially good.

Day 1

Read Matthew 5:13-16. What do the images of salt and light suggest about evangelism? How are “good deeds” connected to evangelism? What are some examples of good deeds you could do to impact the non-Christians in your community?

For an example of good deeds, see the woman in Acts 9:36-41.

Read Matthew 9:35-38. What, according to Jesus, is hindering the harvest? Do you ask God for increased compassion of the lost? Does your prayer include the willingness to be sent into the harvest as a worker? Is God prompting you to go somewhere and get to know some people?

Day 2

Read Titus 2:1-14. See NASB. Notice how Paul connects everyday behavior to our witness to the world. Notice his desire for us to be involved in “good deeds.”

Day 3

Read Matthew 16:18. Who is on the defensive, the church or hell? Are you on the defensive in your life? Are you attacking the gates of hell?

Read Matthew 18:19,20.  “In my name” is synonymous with God’s will. Apply this to our praying together. Is your group praying regularly around the priority of reaching the lost? Do you sense there is a consensus that this mission is central? How can we increasingly “agree” in prayer and have it answered?

Read Matthew 28:18-20. What is God’s part in making disciples of the nations? What is your part? What part do you have the most trouble with? Why do you think you struggle?

Day 4

Read 5:1-11. Notice Jesus’ response to Peter’s feeling of being a sinful man. Do you identify with Peter’s feeling? What is the cure, according this passage?

Read Luke 5:27-32.*  Notice who Jesus hung around and how the religious felt. Do you hang around people like this often enough? Do you have any plans to do so in the coming weeks?

Day 5

Read Luke 15:1-32.*  Notice the many references to what gives God joy and the many references to what is “lost.” Do you celebrate the way God does? Has apathy set in? How could you do today to make progress toward valuing lost people more?

Day 6

Read Luke 19:10 & John 1:14. Note Jesus’ mission and how it was outward and active.

Read John 3:1-16 & 4:1-42. Compare the different approaches of Jesus to these two very different lost people. Notice his different offers. Notice the evangelistic impact of the woman and the relative denseness of the disciples about what was going on.

Day 7

Read John 13:34, 35 & 17:20-23. What will convince the world of the gospel message? What can you do to increase the impact?

Read Acts 1:8. What is the connection between experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit and being His witness? Have you been experiencing His power lately?

Read 6:7; 9:31; 12:24; 16:5; 19:20. Notice the concern for growth of the early Christian movement. Do you believe that can happen today?

Has this week of mediations helped to motivate you?