Developing a Committed Group of Workers Through Lead-Team Dinners - Lead-team dinners are a way of enhancing camaraderie among leaders and key workers. 

Running a Vital Home Group Prayer Meeting - Healthy prayer groups are the life blood of a home church. Gary paints a picture of what one should look like and steps toward implementation.

Pray and Fast with a Friend - Workers who agree to fast and pray together can have a drastic impact on a group through focused intercession. Gary shares ideas on how to pursue this idea.

“Go” Groups - Leaders should model going to meet non-Christians where they're at. Creating "Go" groups can help lead the way for Christian workers to be salt and light for Christ in the world.

Healthy Home Church Meetings - Creating and maintaining a healthy, exciting home group atmosphere requires every member. Gary details some ways to be involved at every step.

Practical Tips for Cultivating Leadership Team Unity

Ethos Cultivation Worksheet


1 Tim. 4:6-16 How to Influence others to Follow Christ

1 Tim. 4:6-16 Keys to Transformational Leadership

2 Tim. 1 Keys for Christian Workers, Part 1

2 Tim. 2:1-13 Keys for Christian Workers, Part 2

2 Tim. 2:14-26 Keys for Christian Workers, Part 3

2 Tim. 3:1-4:8 The Effects of Apostasy

Dimensions of Leadership that are More Caught than Taught

Home Group Leadership As Ethos Cultivation


Decision Continuum - Many Christians find their primary calling - to win the lost - the most challenging area of their lives. This paper will help to figure out what a friend or family member needs to be able to take the gospel seriously.

Evaluate Your Home Group - More than a measurement, this tool will help you understand and advance the mission of your home church.

Committed or Compliant? - This is a guided discussion/ gut-check for workers in your home group. Do they truly believe that following Christ is the only way to live, or are they merely doing what is expected of them?

Resolving Conflict - At various times, leaders are both participants and peacemakers in conflicts that inevitably arise in their group. This tool provides simple tips for playing each role effectively.

Worker Evangelism - To what extent are your core workers engaged in evangelism? Find out with this short questionnaire.

Assessing your Intimacy with God - As the leader goes, so goes the church… so how goes it?

Is Each Member Doing its Part? - This tool is designed to help individuals in your home group discover and exercise their spiritual gifts.

Your Evangelism - It’s easy to disengage from the needs of the lost. This short devotional will help you stay on track.

Get People Talking - Design and facilitate a discussion in your home that will appeal to folks your group is trying to reach.