Notes on the Millennial Kingdom and its King

  • He will be the seed of the woman.
    Gen 3:15:
  • He is human, a man.
    Is 32:1-2; Dan 7:13
  • He dwells in the tents of Shem (semites).
    Gen 9:27
  • A descendant of Abraham.
    Gen 12:1-4
  • A law-giver from Judah.
    Gen 49:10
  • A star out of Jacob.
    Num 24:17
  • A prophet like Moses.
    Deut 18:15
  • From the family of David.
    Is 11:1
  • The actual place of its central location will be Jerusalem and vicinity.
    Obad 12-21
  • A real King will sit on a material throne.
    Is 33:17
  • Nations of mankind will participate in its ministry of welfare and deliverance.
    Is 52:10
  • Wicked kingdoms will be crushed and replaced by the true kingdom.
    Dan 2:31-45
  • The kingdom will be a revival and continuation of the historical Davidic kingdom.
    Amos 9:11, Acts 15:16-18
  • A remnant of Israel will form the nucleus of this kingdom, thus fulfilling the covenant with David.
    Mic 4:7-8; Jer 33:15-22; Ps 89:3-4, 34-37
  • Jerusalem will be the capital city of the great king, from which he will govern the world.
    Is 2:3; 24:23
  • The establishment of the kingdom will not be a long, gradual process, but sudden, catastrophic and supernatural in the realm of sense experience, so that all mankind will know that God is interrupting the course of human history and introducing something divine.
    Ezek 20:33-38; Dan 2:34, 44; Joel 3:1-2; Amos 9:9-10; Mal 3:1-6; Mat 25:31-46
  • Glorious appearance of the kingdom to be preceded by judgements, catastrophe
    Is 24, Joel 2:30-31; 3:9-15; Is 35:4; 40:5; 9-10