Home Group Evangelism Questionnaire

When a home group is struggling with evangelism, change needs to begin with the leaders and workers. Ask each of your leaders and workers to complete this survey, compile the results, and use your findings as a springboard for a discussion on improving evangelism in your home church.

  1. In the last week, how many non-Christians did you have a conversation with (more than “hello”)? 
  2. How many of your neighbors do you know on a first-name basis? 
  3. How many of your neighbors or coworkers have invited you into their home?
  4. How many of your neighbors or coworkers have been inside your home?
  5. How many non-Christians have you invited over for dinner in the last year?
  6. How many non-Christians do you have a conversation with at least once a week?
  7. Do you usually pray daily for non-Christians?
    1. If yes, roughly how many?
    2. If no, how many non-Christians do you pray for on a weekly basis?
  8. I would view praying daily for five non-Christians as an unrealistic or legalistic goal.
  9. How many weeks has it been since you initiated a spiritual conversation with a non-Christian (talked about your relationship with God, what the Lord is teaching you, your home group, someone’s beliefs, etc.)?
  10. Name one thing that you have learned about God or seen him do in the last month that you are genuinely excited about. Be specific.
  11. How long did it take you to answer the previous question?
    1. Immediately
    2. Less than thirty seconds
    3. Less than 5 minutes
    4. Honestly, nothing came to mind
  12. Using only text from Bible verses, support the four statements below.
    Cite the book and chapter of each verse you use.
    1. God loves the world.
    2. Man is sinful and separated from God.
    3. Jesus was punished for our sins.
    4. We can’t earn salvation on our own.
    5. We need to trust in Christ to be forgiven.