High School Parent Information

Parents of High School Students:
As in past years, your high school student has the option of staying in a ministry house for the weekend of the Servant Team Retreat.
The purpose of offering this option is to give high school students an opportunity to enjoy the fellowship offered in a college ministry house, as well as to provide a safe environment for them to stay while you are away for the weekend. There will be an opportunity for your student to attend a college cell group, and there may be some other planned activities.
However, your son or daughter will not necessarily be supervised at all times. You need to be confident that they will conduct themselves with an appropriate level maturity and responsibility for taking care of themselves for the weekend. If you are unsure, you may want to consider another option for them.
Have your student work out arrangements with the ministry house associated with his or her high school home group. Email Brian Adams at AdamsB@xenos.org or call him at (614) 202-9541 for more information.
Please send your son or daughter with money to pay for their food and entertainment expenses.
Fill out this release form giving consent for your student to stay in the ministry house. Have your student give it to a responsible party at the ministry house during the retreat weekend. Your student must have the signed permission slip in order to participate in the weekend.
We are looking forward to serving your son or daughter for the weekend and pray it will be a positive experience. Please let us know if you need further information.
In Him,
Keegan Hale
For Pastoral Support and Student Ministry Divisions