Go Groups

Listen to Gary's Go Group Seminar and download the slides from the seminar.

What are they?

“Go” Groups are (preferably) pairs of home group workers who join pre-existing non-Christian social networks in order to be salt and light for Christ. They seek to practically express the spirit of Matt. 5:13-16 (“Let your light shine before people . . .”), Matt. 28:19 (“Go and make disciples . . .”) and Luke 10:1 (“Jesus sent them two by two . . .”).

Why do we need them?

  • Healthy home group outreach usually requires “go and be” as well as “come and see” structures.
  • Home groups should not rely excessively on “bridges.”
  • Home group leaders should model personal commitment to outreach.
  • Most of us need consistency, support and healthy accountability to be fruitful in outreach.
  • God honors our willingness to take this kind of initiative!

How should we do them?

  • Leaders and key workers should lead the way.
  • Prayerfully research the opportunities. Consider these guidelines:
    • You should genuinely enjoy the activity and/or purpose of the social group.
    • The social group should meet regularly (preferably weekly) and enable you to interact regularly with the same group of people.
    • Look for social groups that provide opportunity for personal relating.
    • The social group should not require a long-term commitment.
    • RECREATIONAL EXAMPLES: bars; book-clubs; sports leagues; CAP classes; home owner associations; knitting clubs; recreation center classes or activities; discussion groups; etc.
    • VOLUNTEERING EXAMPLES: hospital; children’s school; coach children’s sport team; tutoring; libraries; veterinarian clinic; etc.
  • Pray together beforehand as Paul does in Col. 4:3-6. Pray together afterward for the people with whom you interacted. Focus prayer on individuals as the Spirit leads.
  • Share your experiences with others in your home group—especially your prayer group(s).

How can they fail?

  • Lack of good planning in selecting a social group (see above)
  • Unbelief in God’s promises to guide us to responsive people, to empower us to be his witnesses, to impact people as we share Christ, etc.
  • Insufficient prayer!
  • Viewing “success” only as conversions vs. as obeying God’s guidance to express his love and share your faith as he opens doors
  • Being rudely aggressive or timid in talking about spiritual things
  • Relying primarily on argumentation or apologetics vs. sharing appropriately about how Christ’s love has changed/is changing your life for good
  • Going to the social group inconsistently and/or not spiritually prepared
  • Lack of patience and persistence and/or lack of willingness to move on to another social group when God shows you

Important Qualifications

  • This is not just an emergency structure!
  • Don’t forget other aspects of personal discipleship!