Assessing Your Intimacy with God

How healthy is your relationship with God? A healthy relationship involves common experiences, personal inner-working (commitment, transparency, etc.), and emotional sharing. Meditate on God’s commitment to you in each of these areas (sections A-C), then rate your intimacy with God in those same areas (sections D-F).

God is perfectly intimate in his relationship with us:

A. Common Experience

  1. He created the world and everything in it
  2. God foreknew us before we were born!
  3. He became a man and knows what’s like to live the Christian life in dependence on the Holy Spirit
  4. He knows what it’s like to be tested by the devil
  5. He knows what it’s like to be wronged and to suffer at the hands of others
  6. He is always accessible – only a prayer away – and draws near to anyone who draws near to him
  7. God’s Holy Spirit initiates with all people in the world
  8. God indwells anyone who will receive him
  9. God gives his people a common purpose, works and ministry
  10. He shares his power and resources with us – his inheritance; his power; his spirit; and with all things to enjoy

B. Personal Inner-Workings

  1. God has given us his written word so we can understand his mind, his will, his goals, his character, his priorities, his likes & dislikes and his plans
  2. He is completely open and vulnerable in all areas of life
  3. He understands us completely – our every thought and action
  4. He unconditionally accepts us
  5. He is completely faithful and committed to our good – even when we sin against him
  6. He is willing to confront us and show us when our way is destructive
  7. He knows how to help us meet our deepest needs and understand how to deal with our problems
  8. He is our encourager, counselor, illuminator and helper – always promoting us to reach our full potential
  9. God gives us a green light to ask him about anything we don’t understand so we can enjoy his peace and be free from anxiety
  10. God preserves and always honors our free-will to make our own decisions – never uses manipulation or coercive tactics

C. Emotional Sharing

  1. God loved us even when we were his enemies, and was willing to lay his life down for us
  2. God rejoices with us when we succeed and rewards us
  3. God expresses his anger righteously
  4. He comes along side us with sympathy and comforts us when we’re afflicted
  5. He is grieved when we turn from him, but is completely loyal to us, never forsaking us
  6. He is jealous of us when we are seduced by the world
  7. He is constructive in his interactions
  8. He loves us as his children and his bride
  9. He lifts us up and restores us when we sin
  10. He weeps with us and for us

How intimate are we in our relationship with God?
For each of the following sections, think about which of the following statements are "very true,” "usually true,” “sometimes true,” or “usually not true.”

D. Common Experience

  1. I am grateful that he created the world and everything in it
  2. I remind myself that God knows me better than I know myself
  3. I seek out God’s perspective and talk to him continuously about all areas of my life
  4. I pray regularly for God’s protection against the devil
  5. I am at peace even when I am wronged or suffer at the hands of others
  6. I habitually draw near to him whether or not things are going well
  7. I spend regular quiet time with God to allow his Holy Spirit to guide me several times a week
  8. I am obedient to God
  9. I prioritize the purpose, works and ministry God has given me
  10. I am humble and teachable

E. Personal Inner-Workings

  1. I spend time every day seeking to better understand God’s word, his character, his priorities, and his will
  2. I have given over all parts of my life to God’s leadership, including my work, my money and sexuality
  3. I seek to get God’s perspective on the thoughts that go through my head before I act on them
  4. I truly understand that God will never reject me
  5. I strongly believe that God is committed to my good and that I don’t need to take things into my own hands
  6. I have given the “green light” to God, the leaders of my home group and other Christians to point out areas that may be destructive in my life
  7. I know that God cares about my problems and is able to help me
  8. To reach my full potential I can follow God and never regret it
  9. I am a good steward of the money has entrusted to me
  10. I don’t manipulate people or situations to get what I need

F. Emotional Sharing

  1. I sometimes shed tears thinking about how much God has done for me
  2. I am not prideful about the success I have in ministry
  3. I continually talk with God about all my feelings, even my anger
  4. I experience God’s comfort when I’m going through hard times
  5. I am loyal to God even when I want to do something else
  6. I love God more than I love the world – including my house, my job, my money, my spouse, my possessions
  7. I  tell God I love him, and am excited to enter into his presence
  8. I don’t hide from God or the people he’s put in my life when I’m in sin or after I’ve sinned
  9. I share God’s compassion for other people
  10. I celebrate when other people take steps for God