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Jr. High Ministries Mission Statement

Student Ministries seeks to reach non-Christian students for Christ while developing Christian students into workers and leaders for Christ's church.

Xenos Christian Fellowship Statement of Faith

Quest Shannan

Jr High Director


After leading in our high school ministry for 10 years, Quest has joined our Jr High team! He has a long history of investing and loving the youth. Needless to say, he is perfect for this job! Quest is a millennial and you can find him walking around the office with a cup of pour-over coffee in one hand and an oatmeal bowl in the other. He and his wife (Kelsey) love to hike, travel and discover local restaurants! 

 Contact Quest: shannanq@xenos.org



Brad Dufault

Jr High Assistant Director

Brad contributes a diversity of experience to the Jr High team. He has been a High School jock, actor/director, librarian and food-eating champion. In his spare time, he likes to microwave strange items like Christmas lights, hunt mice with his wife (Amy) and play with his adorable daughter Elizabeth and his son Theodore.
Contact Brad: dufaultb@xenos.org



Elizabeth (Liz) Kifer

Administrative Assistant, Pro Golfer

Liz is a recent graduate from The Ohio State University, majoring in Professional Golf Managment. (Yes that exists!) Her first Blowout Camp was in 2006 and it was the highlight of her summer! Now she gets to go to camp every year! Liz loves hanging out with her friends and exploring the 614 to find the best vanilla ice cream out there!

Contact Liz: kifere@xenos.org



Joe Botti

Student Ministries Director

Joe's Bio

Contact Joe: bottij@xenos.org