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Jr. High Ministries Mission Statement

Student Ministries seeks to reach non-Christian students for Christ while developing Christian students into workers and leaders for Christ's church.

Xenos Christian Fellowship Statement of Faith

Brian Runk

Jr High Director

Brian has been serving in student ministries for over 14 years. His better half Amanda, who also goes by “Brownie”, is a former Jr. High leader, and also leads an adult homechurch. They have 3 wonderful children,   Warren, Charlotte, and Quinn. After a career-ending injury, Brian left the NBA and pursued his dream job of serving in the Jr. High ministry! 

Contact Brian: runkb@xenos.org


Brad Dufault

Jr High Assistant Director  

Brad contributes a diversity of experience to the Jr High team. He has been a High School jock, actor/director, librarian and food-eating champion. In his spare time, he likes to microwave strange items like Christmas lights, hunt mice with his wife (Amy) and play with his adorable daughter Elizabeth and his son Theodore.
Contact Brad: dufaultb@xenos.org


Jenna LaBorde

Administrative Assistant

Jenna has been working in student ministries for the past 7 years.She has lead in a middle school cell group, high school group, and college group. She enjoys Chipotle, traveling, and live music. In high school she was voted class clown. She also bets that she can beat any middle schooler in a 1 on 1 basketball game. Bring it.  

Contact Rachel: labordej@xenos.org



Joe Botti

Student Ministries Director

Joe's Bio

Contact Joe: bottij@xenos.org