Welcome to Jr. High Ministry at Xenos!

Important Trip Dates:

Jr High Mission Trip: 7/26-8/1
Blowout Camp: (see Summer Camp for more details)
6th Grade - July 1-5th
7/8th Grade - July 1-6th


Parent Night of Incoming 6th grade students
Monday, February 17th 7-9pm @ Office Auditorium
A meeting to inform parents about the transition from TNT to Jr High groups. Led by Quest Shannan and Patty Young.

Blowout Friday February 21st, 7pm-9:30pm (Building X)
Make-Your-Own Grilled Cheese
The Second Coming

Blowout Friday March 6th, 7pm-9:30pm (Building X)
Ultimate Ultimate Frisbee
The Great Tribulation

Parent Night of 8th grade students
Wednesday, March 11th , 7pm @ Warehouse

A meeting to inform parents about the transition from middle school to high school groups. Led by High School leaders Josh Benadum and Dr. Nick Hetrick.

Blowout Friday March 20th, 7pm-9:30pm (Building X)
3-on-3 Soccer Tournament
Two Judgement Seats

Blowout Friday April 3rd, 7pm-9:30pm (Building X)
8th Grade Versus!
New Heaven and New Earth

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