The Pastoral Home Group Department is responsible for providing oversight for more than 70 adult home groups throughout the Columbus area. Student Ministries and Adult Ministries Divisions provide oversight for another 20+ adult home groups and 37 junior and senior high school groups. Over 550 lay leaders (362 in the adult groups, 100 in the high school groups, and 89 in the junior high groups) volunteer their time to lead these 127 home groups.

Each Pastoral Home Group is assigned a Home Group Consultant staff member for oversight. Oversight is intended to ensure that Xenos home groups are duplicating themselves as they grow. Consultants strive to encourage, to equip, to counsel, and to help leaders promote group growth and health. Additionally, oversight staff provides the elders and management of Xenos with crucial information regarding the health, needs and priority of this key home group work.

Observation, discussion, assessment, feedback, reporting and prayer are key components to the oversight process. These tools are used by the Home Group Consultant in the oversight process. Each division handles the oversight process a little differently. In the Pastoral Division, the process looks like this:

  • Monthly Consultations with Home Group Leaders
  • Home Group Visitations 1-2 times a year
  • Monthly monitoring of Home Group Statistics, Rosters and Demographics
  • Annual Evaluations
  • Conferral with their Supervisor & Reporting

Home Group Consultations

Home Group consultations occur on a monthly basis between the Consultant (usually Xenos staff) and a member of the Home Group Leadership team (volunteer leadership). These consultations take place either over the phone or face-to-face and tend to be about an hour long. Unscheduled calls from leaders to the Consultant are welcome too.

Preparing for the Consultation

  • Scheduling
  • Review Home Group Roster, Home Group Attendance Charts, Home Group Profile Report & Action Items from the quarterly Home Group Report
  • Prayerfully consider follow-up items or areas to focus on in the consultation.

The Consultation

  • Prayer is a vital component to an effective consultation as we open ourselves to the leading of the Holy Spirit.
  • Any number of areas can be prioritized and discussed in the Consultation. Generally, we should verify that the objective information from the Home Group Profile Report, Rosters, and Attendance Charts is accurate.
  • Discussions may be directed in the following areas:
    • Evangelism
      • What evangelistic attempts are being made?
      • Who is the most effective? How are you helping them?
      • Are you talking about responding to opportunities in your cell groups?
      • Do you pray for opportunities? (Col. 4:2-6)
    • Discipleship
      • Describe your discipleship ministry.
      • What individual plans do you have for the person you are discipling?
      • Are they moving toward ST? What do they need?
      • What other discipleship relationships are going on in your group?
      • Who in your group needs to be discipled that isn’t currently being discipled?
    • Community
      • How have your home group meetings been? How are the teachings? How is the fellowship time? How is prayer at the home group meeting?
      • How are your cell groups going? Who is new to cell group? Who seems to be contributing on a new level at cell group? How can you encourage that?
      • Is there a home group phone list? A calendar of events?
      • Do you have any special events coming up?
      • Are you having regular retreats?
      • Does anyone from your group vacation together?
      • Are people having dinners/time together apart from meetings?
      • Are the members of your group serving one another and serving together?
    • Leadership
      • What is God showing you about your group?
      • What are you urgently praying for?
      • Do you have leader’s meetings? How often?
      • How is the unity in your leadership? Do leaders have someone they are accountable to?
      • What kind of relationship do you have with your co-leaders?
      • What are your leaders meetings like? Exciting or dread?
      • Who are your potential new leaders? How are you equipping them for that work?
    • Personal
      • Are you increasing in your experience of God and his grace in your life?
      • What are you doing specifically to pursue growth and personal sanctification?
      • Who is your best friend(s)? What level of friendship do you have?
      • What is bogging you down in your life right now? What are you worrying about?
      • What do you have going on in your life that I can pray for?
      • How is your marriage?
    • Future
      • Plant plans? What is preventing you from planting in the future?
      • Present changes – if you could change two things?
    • Conclusion
      • Are there any current crises that we should address?

Home Group Consultants

Job Description

On staff 16 - 24 hours per week

Assigned a number of home groups for the purpose of providing encouragement, counsel, equipping, growth planning, communication of church wide priorities and any other consulting needs that may arise.


  • Consultations: Meet with at least one home group leader from each home group typically on a monthly basis.

  • Visitations: Visit each home group as needed.

  • Annual Evaluations: Meet with the entire leadership team once a year to review the Annual Evaluation Form that the team has filled out. This is usually at least a two hour meeting that takes place of two monthly consultations.

  • Ensures Database Maintenance: Ensure database information is current for each group (includes such things as home group demographics, rosters, attendance, discipleship, outreach, study group membership, teaching topics). The consultant may directly maintain the database for each group or oversee administrative support’s database maintenance.

  • Promotes Vision and Duplication: Help to provide vision to group leaders for the growth of the members and the duplication of the group.


This staff person should have extensive experience with group leadership, group dynamics, and group multiplication. Servant Team membership required.

Conferral with Supervisors

The Home Group Consultant meets with his Supervisor weekly to report on one or more home groups that they are overseeing. This hour-long meeting involves praying for particular groups, discussing the overall health of the groups, strategizing, and problem solving.

Quarterly, the consultant provides her Supervisor with a written Home Group Report for each of the groups assigned to her.

Monthly, the consultant updates the Home Group Planting chart for the groups assigned to him that are planning to plant in the next 12 months.

Annually, the consultant provides Annual Home Group Evaluation summaries for each of the groups assigned to her to the Pastoral Division Coordinator.