Thanks for Your Donation to Friendship School in 2016

May 18, 2017

A Message from the Friendship School:

We, the staff of the Friendship School, want to thank you for your support of the school in 2016. Hundreds of people in the community of Kampong Cham, Cambodia have been blessed by your continued support of this work. Together, we are a light for the Lord. Below are highlights from 2016.

“I have placed you as a light for the gentiles. That you may bring Salvation to the end of the earth”  Acts 13:47



Saturday Youth Group

This year our youth group has grown to 50 kids! The students of the community and their friends are learning to follow god together.




Adult Discovery Bible Study

The hope is to equip the staff with a simple reproducible study method that they can bring to their own sphere of influence, while helping to strengthen their relationship with the Lord.



Student Discipleship Groups

The youth workers in the youth group have formed three discipleship groups amongst the most spiritually sensitive students.



Fit for School Program

This program provides healthy habits through daily hand washing, dental hygiene, bi-annual deworming, and education on healthy living.



Daily Food Relief

Students receive a meal a day to help supplement their struggling life situations and give them energy to study.



School & Mobile Clinic

This year we opened up a clinic for the students and the families in surroundings communities. Not only are their medical needs met, but the good news of Jesus Christ is shared!