Transforming Communities in Southeast Asia

A Holistic Approach to Poverty

Through the establishment of community centers we strive to take a holistic approach to addressing poverty in SE Asia. This means engaging with factors of health, education, economics, and spirituality. We work with communities to find solutions that meet their unique needs. This includes feeding programs for malnourished children, sponsorships for poor children to attend school, micro-loans and financial accountability, job skills programs, personal mentoring, bible study groups and more. Your gift helps run these programs that meet physical, economical and spiritual needs in the context of community relationships.

Equipping Indigenous Leaders

We continue to see many come to faith, and there remains a great need for spiritual leadership. In addition to meeting the needs mentioned above, donations to the SE Asia Global Partners Fund supports a leadership training program designed to equip and prepare indigenous leaders who can serve, lead and minister to their own people.