Global Partnerships

What are Global Partnerships?

Global Partnerships are collaborative ministries Xenos has with indigenously led church planting movements primarily among the world’s poor and unreached.

Who are our Global Partners?

Our Global Partners are apostolically gifted indigenous leaders who are multiplying churches that integrate needed social services to the poor and reach the lost through home church planting.

Where are our Global Partners?

We currently have Global Partners in Southeast Asia, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Eastern Europe, Ecuador, Haiti and the Ivory Coast. We are actively exploring new initiatives that meet our Global Partnership criteria. 

Why Global Partnership?

We are convinced God has given Xenos a powerful vision for home church planting. We have experience mobilizing people into effective church multiplication and are convinced God wants us to share this vision.

Today the gospel is reaching more people than at any time in the history of the church. The primary way millions are now being reached is through home churches. But most of these movements are under-resourced and lack effective training.

Global Partnerships connect the powerful dynamic of church planting movements around the world with the resources Xenos is uniquely able to offer. This way, the Great Commission is truly an international collaboration, with each partner supplying what the Spirit has provided them.

How do Global Partnerships work?

Once a potential Global Partner has been carefully vetted and a basic understanding about roles, outcomes and costs are clarified, the Xenos elders decide whether to accredit the partnership. If the partnership is accredited, a ministry plan goes into motion. Each Global Partner has different needs, so our approach will vary in some details. Our role focuses on two main contributions.

First, expertise. Our many years of experience in training leaders, dynamic youth ministries, and the many medical and other professionals among us, bring their much needed expertise to the field through short term missions. Most of our Global Partners will host short-term mission trips each year that will result in furthering the work of church planting.

Second, financial. Global Partnership ministries are funded in part from the Xenos general fund, reflecting our ongoing priority for missions. Expanding the vision for Global Partnership will result in increasing our mission spending at a rate that substantially out-paces the Xenos general fund. However, God has granted us in Xenos stewardship over remarkable financial resources. The available resources of Xenos members vastly exceed our family needs. For this reason, most of us are or will be in a position to give substantial gifts to this work. We established the Global Partnership Fund so as the Spirit leads, everyone can contribute sacrificially to the expansion of these amazing apostolic works.

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