Clone of Xenos Budget and Giving Update

Xenos Finance Information

As of December 19, 2016: 

General Fund (GF) - Paying for the foundation of the ministry God accomplishes domestically and that makes possible His kingdom work around-the-world through Xenos. 

A) Annual Operating Budget (What we have planned to spend for the year)     $7,097,400 
B) GF Giving Forecast Year-to-Date (Model based on historical donations, indicating what should be received by now)   $6,811,200
C) GF Donations Year-to-Date (What has been received from donors so far this year)  $6,759,040
D) GF Receipts Same Time Last Year (Donations that came in thru same week last year)   $6,593,350
----- Notes:  B) This is a planning estimate based on a model using historical data, as giving does not come in on an even 12 month basis, but is weighted toward late November and December (when typically over 30% of all donations are given). D) Each year varies in when donations come in, but this is a good guage using recent history.  

Conclusions for General Fund Year-to-Date: We remain cautiously optimistic that we are on track to cover our 2016 budget, even as we have lost some ground in the last week. Optimism comes from knowing that this time of year brings higher giving than any other time. If we all finish out our remaining pledges for the year, we will make budget. We feel some caution as last year at this same time we looked on-track to make our contributions budget, but ended the year $81,800 short. If we do not cover budgeted giving, it affects the ministry that God has set before us. Next year we will have some increases needed to the "core" budget and new ventures that God wants to fund, so we look to finish strong in 2016 to be in solid shape for His coming work. 

Building Fund - Servicing debt on mortgages for Xenos properties in central Ohio. The 'Securing Our Future' Building Fund provides funds to meet our very manageable debt obligations. God delivered a new property into our hands in 2017, so we have added some debt at very manageable levels for our church.

Many of the families who gave generously to expand ministry through our new facility in 2014 will have their pledges end in 2017. This will free up funds from those families, who we encourage to consider shifting these funds to other worthy Christ-centered purposes within the church.

Years Pledged Received
 2014-17   $ 5,382,510   $ 4,623,340  

Total Current Debt on All Properties = $2,117,600

Missions Giving - Also check out Xenos' Global Partnerships for more on the church's missions work around the globe, along with the Humanitarian Aid & Development Fund which focuses resources on the poor and at-risk domestically and internationally.