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Against the Traditional Fundamentalist View on the Role of Women in the Church This is an older essay, not produced for an academic audience, but for a small group of women in our church who wanted an explanation for the position I and some other leaders at Xenos take regarding women in ministry. Dennis McCallum
Formalism: What is It and Why Not? Formalism is an improper lens to approaching the Christian life, but one that can creep into our lives and shift our focus from God's concerns. Dennis McCallum
How to View Change in the Church Dennis details a proper reaction to change within a local church. Dennis McCallum
Melchizedek and the Priesthood of Christ When reading these two passages, Christians can easily become totally confused and give up. Yet, these are surely two of the richest passages in the whole of Scripture. Dennis McCallum
New Testament Principles of Church Finance What relationship should the church have with the money that it needs to function? Dennis McCallum provides healthy biblical answers for a churches proper handling of finances. Dennis McCallum
Roman Catholicism Evangelicals today have to decide how they stand relative to the Roman Catholic church in light of recent history. Dennis McCallum and Jose Flores
Strange Details in Stephen's Defense The defense offered by Steven in Acts 7 has confused interpreters as much as any passage in the book of Acts. Dennis McCallum
The Objectification of Religion: Universal Themes This paper covers current theories about why people nearly always "objectify" religion. Dennis McCallum
The Russian Factory and the Evangelical Church As the Soviet Union disintegrated, Xenos Fellowship was confronting reorganization and the dangers associated with building a bureaucracy. At the same time, we were in dialog with other churches about how they organized their ministry. Dennis McCallum
What is Worship? Lee offers an explanation of what biblical worship actually means and how to engage in it. Lee Campbell PhD.