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A Chronological Study of Paul's Ministry Explore an overview of Paul's life of ministry, beginning with his conversion on the road to Damascus and ending with his martyrdom in Rome. Dennis McCallum
Chronological Study of the Life of Christ Explore an overview of Jesus' life chronology, as informed by Scripture, from His birth to His crucifixion. Dennis McCallum
Matthew's Use of the Old Testament: A Preliminary Analysis Lee examines the use of the Old Testament in the gospel of Matthew. Lee Campbell Ph.D.
New Testament Endtimes Prophecy Chart This chart lists the various passages that correspond to different endtimes prophecies from the New Testament. Dennis McCallum
New Testament Principles of Church Finance What relationship should the church have with the money that it needs to function? Dennis McCallum provides healthy biblical answers for a churches proper handling of finances. Dennis McCallum
Paul's Usage of ta stoicheia tou kosmou The purpose of this paper is to examine the meaning of the phrase ta stoicheia tou kosmou ("the elementary principles of the world") as it is used by Paul in Gal. 4:3,9 and Col. 2:8,20. Gary DeLashmutt
Principles Involved in Harmonizing the Synoptic Gospels These 5 principles are the most common principles involved in harmonization, but some harmonization issues involve other, less common principles. Dennis McCallum and Gary DeLashmutt
Sejanus and the Chronology of Christ's Death Gary DeLashmutt shows how the life and death of Lucas Sejanus provides valuable insight into the dating of Christ's death. Gary DeLashmutt
The Mystery Hidden for Aeons Past Any careful reader of Old Testament messianic prophecy quickly becomes aware of the two portraits of Messiah found there. Here, Dennis examines how they intertwine. Dennis McCallum
The New Testament Pattern of Church Discipline Dennis briefly outlines how New Testament church discipline is laid out in the Bible. Dennis McCallum
The Problem of Apparent Chronological Contradictions in the Synoptics A quick glance at a side-by-side ordering of the gospel accounts is enough to reveal how closely the Synoptics follow each other as they recount the life and teaching of Christ Joe Botti, Tom Dixon, and Alex Steinman